Part of the community for over 120 years

Valuing our community

Milligans has been based in Oamaru and surrounding areas for nearly 125 years and we have a well-established, valued relationship with our community that dates back to the 1800’s.

The Kiwi attitude of giving back and getting stuck in is one of the amazing attributes that make our country great, and so our team are proud supporters of charities, groups, and sporting clubs within both our local community and across New Zealand.

Product Donation Requests

Because of the high number of requests we receive, it is important that we have all of the information we need to consider each request. Please download the sponsorship / donation application Form, print it, read our guidelines, complete it and then send it back to us.

To make sure that we can support New Zealand communities in the most effective way, please note:

Milligans chooses to focus on and has a preference to support charities, groups, sporting clubs / teams, community groups and communities rather than individuals in order to give benefit to greater numbers of people.

We may not be able to support the same causes or groups each year, to allow others the opportunity to benefit from our support.

If your request is declined, it doesn’t reflect our view of your group or the merit of your efforts. It is a practical decision we sometimes have to make the hard decisions to ensure that we are able to share our help around. Please don’t hesitate to ask us again the next time you are fundraising.

We also have a range of food products such as grated cheese, Cheese blocks, pancake mixes and animal feeds which a also great for fundraising events that can be gifted or sold at a largely reduced rate.

Who have we supported?

Over the years we have supported a wide range of groups in the community. Here are some: