Milligans - The choice for generations

A proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated family business, Milligans Feeds is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of animal nutrition products. 

Proud to be NZ owned and operated.

We are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated family business based in North Otago.

Milligans Feeds is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of animal nutrition and health supplement products and with over 30 years’ experience means we produce high quality, top performing milk replacers, Milligans Feeds has been the choice for generations.

Specialists in animal nutrition

The company has a wide range of animal nutrition products. Many of the Milligans high protein concentrate feeds are also marketed in the USA under the brand Milipro. 

Also produced are high protein concentrate feeds which are marketed in Asia and North America. We customise mixes in conjunction with our nutritionists and customers to their specific requirements utilising grain, proteins and dairy products. Our products include Milk and Whey Proteins, Calf Milk Replacer, Lamb Milk Replacer, Grain Based Feeds.

Our product range

Milk Replacers

This product is a multipurpose feed, available in both a meal and pellet form

Suitable for a wide range of animals including Chicken, goats, calves, horses, pigs & sheep.

Available in the convenience of 25kg bags, 10kg or in bulk

Feed Supplements

GRUNTA Pig Feed Powder is a high protein milk powder supplement made from blended dairy powders. It can be added to feed for an extra boost in growth.

Grunta is designed to be added to current feeding systems in DRY form rather than as an actual liquid milk feed due to its lower solubility.

Pour or sprinkle the powder over other feed such as food waste or compound feeds. It can be fed dry, dampened down or be mixed into a slurry.

Animal Health Supplements

Quality product is valued highly by Milligans, and to stand behind this all products are regularly tested both internally and externally through recognised industry laboratories to ensure that we maintain the level of quality recognised with our products.

Grain Based Feeds

For years Milligans Feeds has been producing a range of high Quality Stockfeeds incorporating both Milk Replacers and Grain Based Stockfeed.

All feeds are produced using high quality local ingredients and nutritionally developed based on their requirements to achieve optimal performance for their end users.

Currently available in the South Island only.

Looking after your animals

We strive to provide New Zealand farmers with the best products for their young animals and endeavour to give full support by way of knowledge and advice